Often you wonder what to give?

can buy what ever trinket, but from it there will be no emotions or spirits that run out and throw. So what to give? It is clear that the gift should give pleasure, delight, and he will no doubt sink into the soul and not let him forget his years. Name a star and let it shine not only in heaven, but in the soul of man!

Is is possible to buy a star?

bright, beautiful, charming

Buy a star can not be, but you can officially call!
All objects outside the earth are the property of mankind, it follows that the star can not buy.

Every day, worldwide observatories, opening thousands of new stars, galaxies, star clusters, and assigns them to the registration number and other information to determine the mass and shape of the heavenly bodies, and entered in the register. Here we give you and help you come up with the name of the star, we make a change (modification) to an international roster of stars IROTS, namely, adding to the data register of the name of the star, that's all, the star has a name!

PlanetLux - is the official representative of the International Register Star (International register of the stars "IROTS"). PlanetLux the only company in Russia, which owns the exclusive right to make changes (modifications) in IROTS, the official registry website: www.irots.cc .

Is there a gift better than to honor a loved one or just a dear person to name a star in the sky? Now imagine how nice it used to you, if your honor was named a star that will shine for millions of years under the name given her by you!

Give Happiness - this is our life, philosophy and work!

telescope as a gift, the stock!

When buying a magnitude of 8 to 6, inclusive, of the semi-PlanetLux telescope as a gift!

teleskop in podarok

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