International Register of the Stars


IROTS - is an abbreviation (decrease) from International Register of the Stars (International Register stars).

Official Site Registry IROTS: .
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needs a single database stars - created IROTS.

astronomers needed a single database.
There have been entered previously all open star with a precise description (starting from a value and ending coordinates of the object is the date and time), and they were given the opportunity to add a new open stars.
was decided to create an international register of stars, and appeared IROTS. The registry was created to study space objects was easier and more convenient, and thanks to the commercial component is to order on naming star everyone.

IROTS - Storage and updates (modifies, records) in a single international database with these stars and their description and izucheniet position and trajectory of the stars, the motion of bodies under the action of universal gravitation, calculates the trajectory, the weight and shape of the heavenly bodies.