about us PlanetLux

We can call a lot of terms that are suitable for the description of our company, but it will be very prolonged, and above all boring, because of this, in a clear and short version:

PlanetLux - Astronomical Union with the commercial component, and which has the exclusive right for registration and recording of modifications in the IROTS (an abbreviation of international register of the stars, translation: an international roster of stars).

Our work is a place where we give happiness!

PlanetLux provides a unique opportunity - to touch universe, and it is this point you in any case will not be able to forget! In general, how can this not recall when a star named in your honor.

Officially, the confirmation of the certificate.

Our main goal is the clients, which is why buying a star treatment and delivery is realized in the shortest time. Obviously, you're happy with the work done! PlanetLux will All that is exactly what it was!

time has come when you can legitimately be called a star the name of any person and does not need to be astronomer. After all of these We recorded the star in this international registry IROTS, and to confirm that you are receive a certificate.

Art Director: Catherine A. Kozyrev.