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Individual entrepreneurs

PlanetLux invites entrepreneurs to cooperate. We offer our services to provide on your sites for the percentage of purchases star. For all questions about the partnership, contact our marketing specialists.

Representatives PlanetLux

We develop and tends to expand, we want to separate the company PlanetLux were in all the major cities of Russia and CIS. That's why PlanetLux offer you to become our representative in your area. If you have any questions, please contact our sales.


Internet is the fastest growing area for business, with millions of potential customers. PlanetLux also wants to take its place, which is why we need the partnership of the webmaster.
1.reklama site - banner placement " Buy a star " (payment is held for referrals to our website , 1000 hits, 8 euros) or dividend to name a star.
2.reklama online - rent the site for banner (payment is calculated in terms of particles and PR site - an average of about 0.3 euros per day).

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