Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask any questions to our managers, right on the website in the Ask a Question , or by telephone.

it possible to buy a star?

No, buy buy can not be physical, nor a legal person - by law it is not possible, but because we do not sell stars, we help you to call them!

What is "IROTS"?

This issue is devoted to a separate site page "IROTS" .

How to understand your partner that the company

The company partner must be a certificate confirming the status of partnerships and on our website page verification data (address, phone, etc.) partner company. Would become our partner ?

How can I be sure that the star is actually called?

After purchase, you will receive a certificate with 18 degrees of protection, confirming the assignment of a star name and title of ownership star names.

How much time is spent on the design and delivery of the order?

Checkout takes on average 2-5 hours, well, Shipping depends on the remoteness of the region, the method of delivery - an average of 1 day to 5 days, and in Moscow about 5-10 hours.

Can I be sure that the star will not be called twice?

Understand, in one of our galaxy about a trillion stars. Open every day thousands of new stars, so why do we call the star twice, when not mentioned very much.

How do I find my star in the sky?

Each order is complete map of the stars, with the exact coordinates of the star and its, you can easily find your star in the sky.

Can name a star by date or constellation?

It's easy! Pick a star on the constellation directly on the site, but to find a star to date can only be on the phone with our manager. Give your loved one a star .